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দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া সম্পর্কে ১০টি মজার তথ্য | Interesting Facts about South Korea in Bengali

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    SA Rajon

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    Mrityunjoy Bagdi

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  • Fakir Hadis
    Fakir Hadis

    vai amr tho dui hate tattoo kora tar mane ki ami jete parbo na korea?

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  • Jahangir Ali
    Jahangir Ali

    I am from India, I liked the information that they don't used to watch the Hollywood movies and songs .

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    DJ Tanvir USA

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  • DJ Tanvir USA
    DJ Tanvir USA

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    Juwel Arfin

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    mannaZ HaquE

    Tattoo is allowed here in South Korea. Rest of the things are 100% correct. Thank you

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  • Sumit Datta
    Sumit Datta

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    Md Mosarof Khan

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    My hobbies

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    kooky girl

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    arnab bose

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    Sarif Mandol

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    farhanahabib ripa3240

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  • Moni Ma
    Moni Ma

    দক্ষিণকোরিয়া যেতে চাই But তোমার সাথে যেতে চাই,,তুমিতো জানতে দক্ষিণকোরিয়া বেপারে,, তাই তোমার সাথে ঘুরতে যাব

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    Naim Hasan Limon

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    Prem Khan 8606355832

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  • Kaz

    Most of 'em are not real :v or they don't exist anymore. i have no idea where you found such facts as they don't actually exist XD

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